• 40 Ton / month
  • Altitude: 400 Mtr ASL
  • Peak month: all year
  • Location: Central Java

Coconut Sap Sugar from coconut tree (Cocos nucifera linn) is a high value commercial product which has promising health benefits to humans, especially for diabetics. The Glycemic Index (GI) of coconut sugar showed a low GI of 35. Low GI food is food for proper control and management of diabetes mellitus, may lower the total HDL and LDL cholesterol, maintenance overweight and obesity.

1.0 The Scope
This standard establishes a system of grading and classifying commercial Coconut sap sugar obtained from fresh sap tapped from an unopened inflorescence of coconut trees, Cocos nucifera Linn.

2.0 Definitions

  • coconut sap, liquid oozing out from the tapped unopened inflorescence of the coconut palm
  • coconut sap sugar, a sweetener in solid form, derived from pure fresh coconut sap obtained by boiling
  • filth/impurities, extraneous and foreign matters
3.0 Grades Standard
Grade Specification
Premium Grade (Superior Quality) Color: Light yellow to cream
Water activity, aw < 0.5
Grade I (Good Quality) Color: Light brown to brown
Water activity, aw 0.5 - 0.7
Grade II This grade includes coconut sap sugar which does not qualify for inclusion in the higher grades.

4.0 Packing
Coconut sap sugar shall be packed in food grade pakaging, clean and dry pack, 25 kg / pack.

5.0 Marking
Following particular shall be marked and labelling clearly on the packaging:
  1. Name of the product & grade
  2. Variety of trade name
  3. Lot no. - Batch no.
  4. Nett weight - gross weight
  5. Date of packaging
  6. Country of origin
  7. name the address of producer
  8. best before
  9. Special requirement / treatment. Ex: No. fumigation allow, special handling, etc.
6.0 Product specification
Physical Parameters Specifications
Color Light brown to dark
Mesh size Mesh 14 or 16
Form Granulated
Microbial Tolerance Coconut Sap Sugar Specification
Moisture 2.0 % max
Sucrose > 80 %
Glucose 2 - 5 %
Fructose 3 - 5 %

7.0 Product Sample
Product sample shall packed & store. Shall it be used as reference.
  • Sample requirement: 2 bags of each product. Content: 1 kg / bag
  • Production identification: product anme, plate of production, lot number, remarks.
  • Sample shall be vacuum packed, keep in organized storage easy to find and maintain in good conditions.

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