• 40 Ton / month
  • Altitude: 400 Mtr ASL
  • Peak month: All year

Areng palm sugar is similar to coconut palm sugar. Both sugars are extracted from arenga palm tree and other is extracted from coconut palm tree. Although they don't taste exactly the same, they both have an earthy, caramel and butterscotch undertone that reminiscent of brown sugar. The beauty of arenga palm sugar is that it is mellow in taste and not overpowering at all - the perfect fit in Damn Sugar hot chocolate!

The sap of the arenga palm tree of collected through a process called ‘tapping’. The sap is low GI (with a GI of 35) and is mineral rich. The sap is heated until it has been reduced to a concentrate. Once cooled, the concentrate hardens and is crushed into granules.

Health Benefit
Often nutritionists recommend using Arenga sugar for sweetening drinks or food instead of using sugar. Why so? The content of Arenga sugar calories were fewer when compared to sugar. Arenga sugar has a glycemic index of smaller magnitude that is 35 while sugar 58. The glycemic index is a number that indicates how much food it will increase the concentration of blood sugar. Size used is in the range of 0 to 100. The low glycemic index when less than 50, while if a value between 50-70 and higher when more than 70. Benefits can Arenga sugar instead of white sugar, especially for diabetics. In addition to the production stage, Arenga sugar most naturally with so a number of specific compounds useful nondestructive. Also, do not require refining stage repeatedly or use additional elements to make it pure. The doctor said that a low glycemic index make Arenga sugar is safer to use and do not result in increases in the concentration of blood sugar drastically, which would threaten the health of patients with diabetes. The darker the color of the Arenga sugar means more nutrients in it. In addition to its glycemic index levels are lower, Arenga sugar was proved to contain other useful elements such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and protein. When you wish to obtain a healthy body, there is no bad you switch to using Arenga sugar as an extra when making coffee, tea or added as a sweetener in food. Benefits of Arenga sugar not only as a substitute for sugar alone, to support a woman’s beauty was able to do Arenga sugar. What are the benefits of Arenga sugar for facial beauty?

Here’s the explanation:
1. Making bright face
If you want the skin is brighter, just mix the Arenga sugar on facial cleansing soap that you use frequently. Pour soap in the palm of the hand, rub until frothy, then mixed with Arenga sugar as necessary and apply on the face. Granules Arenga sugar is a light scrub will clean dead skin cells. The result is skin that is soft, bright and sparkling.
2. Eliminate Acne
No need to stress or worry when acne is present on your face. For treatment of skin with acne, use a few drops of lemon juice to foam cleanser, add a little Arenga sugar. A mixture of Arenga sugar and lemon juice will eradicate the bacteria that cause acne completely. Arenga sugar can be made face
masks that can clean up even if located within the skin pores. The steps only with Arenga sugar dissolves using water as needed and then rub into the skin of your face. After a rather dry out for some time,
wash using clean water then facial soap if necessary.

Other Benefits:

  • Palm Sugar Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS)
  • Boosts Energy Levels
  • Palm Sugar for Diabetes Patients
  • Natural Unbleached Sweetener
  • Promotes Musculoskeletal Health


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