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Cocoa Bean

1.0 The scope
Cocoa bean the seeds of the cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao Linnaeus). Cocoa of merchantable quality must be fermented, thoroughly dry, free from smoky beans, free from abnormal or foreign odors and free from any evidence of adulteration. It must be reasonably free from living insects. It must be reasonably uniform in size, reasonably free from broken beans, fragments and pieces of shell, and be virtually free from foreign matter.

2.0 Definitions

  • Cocoa bean, The seeds of the cocoa tree, the whole seeds which have been fermented and dried.
  • Broken bean, a cocoa bean of which a fragment is missing, the missing part being equivalent to less than half the bean.
  • Fragment, a piece of cocoa bean equal or less than half of the original bean.
  • Piece of shell, part of the shell without any of the kernel.
  • Adulteration, alteration of the composition of graded cocoa by any means whatsoever so that the resulting mixture or combination is not the grade prescribed or effects injuriously the qualityor flavor, or alters the bulk or weight.
  • Flat bean, a cocoa bean of which the cotyledons are too thin to cut to give a surface of cotyledon.
  • Foreign matter, any substance other than cocoa beans, broken beans, fragments, and pieces of shell.
  • Germinated bean, a cocoa bean, the shell of which has been pierced, silt or broken by the growth of the seed germ.
  • Insect-damaged bean, a cocoa bean the internal parts of which are found to contain insects at any stage of development, or to show sign of damage caused thereby, which are visible to the naked eyes.
  • Mouldy bean, a cocoa bean on the internal parts of which mold is visible to the naked eyes.
  • Slatty bean, a cocoa bean which has a smoky smell or taste or which shows signs of a combination by smoke.
  • Thoroughly dry cocoa, cocoa which has been evenly dried throughout. The moisture contents must not exceed 7.5%.
3.0 Grade standards
Cocoa shall be graded on the basis of defective beans in the cut test. Defective beans shall not exceed the following limit:
Grade I:
  • mouldy beans, max. 3% by count.
  • slatty beans, max 3% by count.
  • insect-damaged, germinated, or flat beans, total max 3% by count.
Grade II:
  • mouldy beans, max 4% by count.
  • slatty beans, max 8% by count.
  • insect-damaged, germinated, or flat beans, total max 6% by count.
4.0 Packing
Rice shall be packed in food grade packaging, clean and dry pack, 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, and 20 kd / pack.

5.0 Marking
Following particular shall be marked and labelling clearly on the packaging:
  1. Name of the product & grade
  2. Variety of trade name
  3. Lot no. - Batch no.
  4. Nett weight - gross weight
  5. Date of packaging
  6. Country of origin
  7. name the address of producer
  8. best before
  9. Special requirement / treatment. Ex: No. fumigation allow, special handling, etc.

6.0 Product Characteristics
Physical Parameters Specifications
Color Brown
Aroma  Specific Aroma  Fruity and Flower
Water Content 7,5 % (Max)
Supperior Aroma Honey
Microbial Tolerance Specifications
Moisture <12%
E. Coli <100
Salmonella /25gr Negative in 25g 
Acid Insoluble Ash  <0,5%
Total Ash <7 %

Foreign Matter
All items foreign to the plant from which the herbs of spice is sourced.
Tolerance : < 1%

Extraneous Matter
Item derived from the plant which the herbs or spice has been sourced but not Required part.
Tolerance : 2 %  maximum