Plant Part: Rhizome / Root
State: Slice and dried

Product Characteristics

Physical Parameters Specifications Chemical Parameters Specifications
Dimension Large dried slice of rhizome Moisture Content 12% (max)
Color Dark golden yellow interior; dark golden yellow to medium yellow-tan exterior Volatile Oil 3,5% (min)
Aroma Aromatic, spicy , characteristic Ash Content 5% (Max)
Flavor Moderalety acrid,bitter, sweet aromatic, slightly    
Microbial Tolerance Specifications Mycotoxin Tolerance Specifications
For Sterilized Ginger Cut & Sift Product destined for European Market
Total Plate Count <100.000 cfu/gr Aflatoxin Max 5 ppb
E. Coli <10 mpn/ gr Ochratoxin Max 3 ppb
Salmonella Absent cfu/gr Product destined for US Market:
Yeast and Mold <1000 cfu/ gr Aflatoxin Max 20 ppb
Coliforms <100 mpn/ gr    

Foreign Matter
All items foreign to the plant from which the herbs of spice is sourced
Tolerance : < 1%

Extraneous Matter
Item derived from the plant which the herbs or spice has been sourced but not Required part.
Tolerance : 1 maximum