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PetaniOrganic platform provider integrate consultancy service for members and potential customer

We ensure all transaction through PertaniOrganic Platform secure, for both customer and farmer & cooperatives. Scope of Consultancy Services :

  • Secure agriculture development , from planting, growing to final product, through integrate management system. 
    (More details) 
  • Secure Organic Quality product by a achieving International Certification
    (More details).
  • Secure transaction, through PetaniOrganic transaction scheme for both customer and farmers and cooperatives.
  • Financial services for producer, with short term bridging Fund and working capital loan available by financial partnership program (Banks)
    (More details).
  • Monitoring and internal control system by professional consultant including Organic Certification assistancy.
  • Negotiation and contract consultancy.
  • CSR for farmer communities in partnership with clients.
  • Handling agent (More details)